Canada's only sungrown

certified organic pre-roll

naturally the best of bc

Canada's Only Sungrown

Certified Crganic Pre-roll

naturally the best of bc

10 x 0.4g Pre-rolls

Organic Desert Gold

This well-rounded indica dominant hybrid was created by our master cultivators through crossbreeding two tried-and-tested strains: Lime Warp and Rene.

From The Backcountry

To The Big City

BC Tumbleweed is rolling into town. We’ve taken organic farming to the next level to provide authentic, sungrown BC bud in a convenient format that’s perfect for active lifestyles and adventure seekers.

Our pre-rolls are crafted for real life, whether you’re heading out for a day by the water, spending the night with friends, or going to a music festival. Experience lovingly curated strains raised in one of North America’s finest natural growing areas, with balanced THC content and distinctive, flavourful terpene profiles.

this is how we roll

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